• Advocating for fathers and families impacted by violence
  • Partnering and sharing your experiences through the "Fathers Against Violence Documentary Series"
  • Providing your family and community with emotional support
  • Referring families affected by violence to appropriate resources for additional layers of support
  • Offering support groups at Official Fathers Against Violence Sites
  • Connecting you with fathers and families who have been impacted by violence

Facts Regarding Violence in Our Communities

Violence, defined as the deliberate exertion of physical force or power to harm an individual or a group of people, is a significant public health concern (National Institutes of Health, 2022; American Public Health Association, 2018). Violence greatly affects and negatively impacts long-term health, wellness, and opportunities and is one of the primary reasons for death and nonfatal injuries in the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020).

Facts Regarding Ground Zero - Cleveland, Ohio

In Cleveland, Ohio, violence eclipses safe spaces in our homes, neighborhoods, educational institutions, and the greater community (Tucker, 2023). According to the Cleveland Department of Public Health, Violence, and Injury Data Report (2017 – 2021), homicides by firearms made up 86% of the homicides, and domestic violence hospital visits increased by 256% in 2020 for Cleveland residents. Cleveland is ranked the 6th most dangerous city in the United States and the cost of violent crime and types of crime (murder versus larceny) have a significant economic impact [$6,491 Cleveland, Ohio Crime Cost per Capita] (Bruhn et al., 2023).

The Stats

According to the report on the status of African American women in the United States from the Institute for Women's Policy Research (2023), 41% of Black women experience physical violence from an intimate partner, compared to 31% of White women, 30% of Hispanic women, and 15% of Asian or Pacific Islander women.